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The Dallas Bears is on a mission of Community Service, Fellowship, Fun and Lasting Friendships.


We fulfill our mission through:


Community Service

Responding to the needs of our community through service and volunteerism, we provide direct relief to our community’s distress. Our service projects entail physical labor that builds up our community; in addition, we collect and distribute goods that feed, equip, and support our community. Using our hearts, minds and talents we provide service by raising funds for publicly supported charities in our community. The Dallas Bears are passionate about raising funds for HIV/AIDS agencies, community healthcare needs, hunger/nutritional support and LGBTQ youth organizations. These funds provide funding or direct support for our community. Some of our fundraising events each year include our Annual Chili Cook-Off, Teddy Bear Auction, Turn-About Show, Cake Walk and Texas Bear Round-Up.



We are fully participating members of our community. Through the works of our presence and goodwill, we actively engage relationships throughout Greater Dallas and the Bear Community at-large. As participants in our community, we can more readily know its needs and can, therefore, provide the necessary support. As an organization rooted in the LGBTQ community and the Bear subculture of that community, we form relationships that build and lift up our mission. Through fellowship, we also foster strong and positive relationships among our members. The positive relationships we forge within our membership and our community at-large provide us the foundation for our success.



We plan and provide a wide variety of social events, road trips to other bear events and ways to connect with the local community. “If you ain’t having fun, then you are doing something wrong!” So, in all that we do we strive to be positive members of the community and enjoy each other’s company and have F-U-N! We remember our credo: “Party with a Purpose” which reminds us that in all we do – we do it for a purpose of goodwill.


Lasting Friendships

We are more than just a group of people that comes together. We are in touch with one another and we operate as a family of friends. We forge lasting friendships with one another individually and collectively as a group. These friendships are the cornerstone of our organization. We seek and desire to invite others who want to join our family of friends. We strive to be a positive group at all times and to follow the golden rule, “treating others as you would want to be treated.”


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